Before downloading UniHuman you must agree to the following terms and conditions

You may use UniHuman to create UV unwraped riged models for your game animation or render. These models can be used for commercial or non commercial purposes. You are free to modify the model in any way you see fit. 

Credit must convey the following information:

UniHuman Character models used in this work.

UniHuman can be downloaded at ""

Models created using UniHuman may not be distributed commercially singly or as a part of a model pack.

You may not redistribute UniHuman commercially or non commercially. The reason for this is that UniHuman is to receive regular updates and if there are multiple sites containing different versions then it is likely that the end user, someone like yourself, will download an old, outdated UniHuman version and be missing out on improvements made.

If you wish to pass on information about UniHuman or for someone else to recieve a copy please link to this page so that they can download the latest version and should they choose to, bookmark it so they can check for updates.



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